Even more information has been released, including Sugimori art of the Gym Leaders and screenshots.
Also, Serebii has managed to upload the trailer to YouTube. Here they are.
  • Animated gameplay footage is shown of new and old locations.
  • The new antagonists are revealed(the orange-haired people in black suits).
  • The player battling a School Girl shows that normal trainer sprites will be animated for the first time. Either this, or a new important character is being introduced who uses EXACTLY the same design as the BW School Girl.
The pictures show things such as:
  • Akuroma in Castelia City
  • Akuroma in an unknown area
  • VS Black Kyurem
  • Lapras & Arcanine VS Tyranitar & Weavile
  • In front of the player's house
  • Trainer School
  • Lookout at Hiougi City
  • VS Homika!
  • You are challenged by Gym Leader Homika!
  • Homika's Gym
  • A wild Eevee appeared!
  • Metagross
  • Choose your gender
  • Psyduck
  • Red and Blue Building
  • Riolu
  • VS Rival!
  • Challenging your rival
  • Meeting Shizui
  • Shizui & a beach hut
  • Shizui in front of his Gym
  • Shops
  • Underwater Tunnel
  • VS White Kyurem!
Pictures retrieved from Serebii.net

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